CD-rom: Pliable Product - Plooibaar Produkt - Formowalny Produkt   Pliable Product
Formowalny Produkt
Open clip: Pliable Product 3D Print
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Plooibaar Product    
  a creative model

Research after the use of colour in public space (especially Poland) resulted in the development of the elements, shapes and colours; they are presented on the CD-rom. Explanation of this associative process can be found there as well.

Depending on the available skills of the users compilations can be created: 2- as well as 3-dimensional.

Combining the elements shape and colour, patterns, structures & constructions can be generated by the user (Wedware); by doing this, insight into evolutionary processes merge, on both small and large scale.
The obtained experience can be applied subsequently into everyday reality (of development, design etc.).

In the flow of time a created, maybe existing structure or construction can be perceived from some point of view, but when illuminated from another perspective or seen at a next moment, the elements will be seen differently, as they are transitional.

Characteristic of the concept is the pliability; shapes, colours, patterns and structures adjust themselves continuously to the changing surroundings.

It is simply a matter of place, time and (personal) interpretation.

Presenting this work in India NeuVé*merged in cooperation with Indian designer Nikhil Bhardwaj.
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