Specific patterndesigns :: silkscreen, pencil, paint on paper / fabric :: modified:

Two hours of your time for me

A PRINT (size: 8,5 x 11 inch) is shown at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art USA (08 - 12 / 31 -12 2011)
Flexible Compilation Click for an application in Public Space :: Flexibele Samenstelling Klik voor een ander samenstelling in de publieke ruimte
Print of animation
A Way of Looking to The World :: Experiencing The Surroundings :: Realizing Reality In & Outside :: Self
Patterned sphere Patterned Cube Patterned Coloured Shapes Patterned Cube & Coloured Shapes
Pattern Cube Pattern Sphere
Pattern Cloud Pattern Sphere 3D
LandShape LandShape
LandShape LandShape
Fitting Twocoloured Shapes Coloured 3D Shapes Fitting Coloured Patterned Shapes
Shape2 3D Shape 8 3D Shape 11 3D Shape 12 3D
Animation Changing Shapes
Shape 3 Shape 2 Shape 1
Shape 4 Shape 6 Shape 5
Shape 7 Shape 8 Shape 9
Shape 10 Shape 11 Shape 12
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