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 ~~ First thing in the morning ~~ 2006   (0-)1-2-3-4-5-6 sessions
 Monday 25 09 2006 Finishing touch & evaluation OPEN clip: 6e BIJEENKOMST, de laatste hand en evaluatie ~ Clipproductie: Wouter Bosman
The t-shirts are getting the finishing touch...; a clip show parts of the process and how we react in some situations. What did we learn and what did we do in the past 6 weeks? What did we like? And what didn't we like so much? Do things have to be done differently? A pitty though that this is the last time.
Dutch vocabulary (WHAT DO WE KNOW NOW? exercise / to compare )
The products  
Seven t-shirts of pupils of the Orioncollege
 Monday 18 09 2006 Shape / contrashape - practising material OPEN clip: 5e BIJEENKOMST, vorm/tegenvorm - het materiaal in de praktijk ~ Clipproductie: Wouter Bosman
Now the laptop is put aside to work with different physical materials. The last meeting resulted in the decision to work with t-shirts and acrylic paint. The space is changed, so drawing, painting and cutting can be done. The drawing- and paintingtables are covered with black plastic.
Starting point is to design a logo. First schetches are made on paper to get an idea what exactly has to appear on the t-shirts and how this can be accomplished.
Physical shapes of the Pliable Product are present to trigger thoughts and ideas. The shapes are played with and some existing logoos were used as examples. Drawing, stamping, cutting and painting were the applied techniques. Shape, contrashape, mirroring and symmetry appeared during the workingprocess. (See weblog Orioncollege)
empty Working on t-shirts with paint
 Monday 11 09 2006 Shape / contrashape - color and interior OPEN clip: 4e BIJEENKOMST, vorm/tegenvorm - kleur en interieur ~ Clipproductie: Wouter Bosman
With the Jin Yang symbol as example how shapes are related we will try to find shape and contrashape.
The one shape cannot exist without the other.The process of experiencing the space occurred to everyone; on a personal lavel this was researched and given shape. Maps and 3-d spaces were worked out in drawings, sketching and research were priorities.
The 'classroom' of the Orioncollege, Interpolis and the own bedroom were subjects.
OPEN: more information on the Pliable Product - Plooibaar Product - Formowalny Produkt (CD-Rrom) Jin Yang
In a groupmeeting the results were presented and discussed.
As well as computer (programm Paint, Active world) and traditional paper, traditional measuring tools were used. Beside drawing from the imagination, a 3-d program was offered of which the interface could be researched how to construct 3-d shapes with such a tool.

The first selected spaces of the seven participants and their research:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
 Monday 04 09 2006 Space and volume OPEN clip: 3e BIJEENKOMST, ruimte en volume ~ Clipproductie: Wouter Bosman
From space we move on to volume. Space can be volume, or so to speak 3D, 3 dimensional.
During the first entrance in the space a volume was present, we could walk around the volume.
At first the space was drawn on paper or the computerscreen as a map, 2D, 2 dimensional.
The next step the space is drawn as a volume itself; the perspective in the space has been changed into the perspective on the space. (See the results by clicking the numbers above.)
 Monday 28 08 2006 Informationtour Interpolis (Tilburg, The Netherlands): 'the flexible office-concept' OPEN clip: 2e BIJEENKOMST, bezoek Interpolis Tilburg ~ Clipproductie: Wouter Bosman
SPACE: boxes for the employees SPACE: based on Tilburg, textilecity
SPACE: relaxing, smoking is allowed SPACE: open offices
SPACE: working in the lounge-area SPACE: workingarea with Eastern atmosphere
SPACE: infocorner SPACE: meetingplaces
SPACE: meetingplaces SPACE: meetingplaces
SPACE: hotspot SPACE: workingarea in green scenery
SPACE: directorsrestaurant SPACE: meetingarea, detailled by the TextielLab Tilburg
SPACE: corridor SPACE: detail, table covered with fabrics
SPACE: a small space in a bigger space SPACE: silence area, soft sounding
SPACE: meeting-area SPACE: blue lightened chairs, workingarea
Some findings:
People are free to choose their place to work, which ends up that there is sometimes no place left.
A great number of spaces can be found at Interpolis, where people can do their work.
The policy of the organisation is leading in the description of how to represent the company to the outside world and how to work in the building.
Human being is a herd animal, in the structure of the building and its different places, people nearly always sit together, for talking, discussing subjects, showing ideas, writing, reading, calculating, eating and relaxing.
Communicationnetwork in the building exists of e-mail, internet and mobile phones (talk and sms).
Something to think about and to work on according to the space we are working in:
- Try to figure out you own comfortable space, and try to put this on paper, by drawing, describing, or another technique   or tool you feel comfortable with (you can express yourself already)
- Try to figure out how this space relates to the space we have now, does your space takes the whole place, fits your space in this whole and can you point out where? Or is your space even bigger then our common space?
 Monday 21 08 2006 The new schoolyear Orion College (Breda, The Netherlands) OPEN clip: 1e BIJEENKOMST
Feeling and identifying ourselves in the new working space, imagining different scales: from microbe to space itself.
The space is occupied step by step and the ready-made sculpture is revealed and deconstructed. The elements of furniture are intuitively placed in the space. The whole space is used. Cooperation is there and 'fun is defined as: everybody has to agree with things. Things without agreement are left aside. (Some impressions)
On the row 3 sculptures appeared: a human (or social) sculpture, a ready-made sculpture and a soundsculpture.
During the next 6 weeks the functions of the space will be reported by means of drawings.
   Klik om het nieuws van 18.00 uur op 21 augustus 2006 te beluisteren (Radio interview)
 Friday 18 08 2006 Preparation for the new schoolyear OPEN clip: VOORBEREIDING
Het voorbereiden van de ruimte: een sculptuur bouwen met het nieuw bezorgde schoolmeubilair.
Interpretatie: ~de start van een leerlandschap~
Videoregistratie: W.Bosman
Start of the preparations Construction
Ready-made sculpture in relation to the space Ready-made sculpture
 June 2006 Concept & sketch of the new schoolyear at the school
Concept: a neutral space to be identified during the process
Sketch by Leidi Haaijer: start of the new schoolyear
empty ˆ
Het Orioncollege: Jij volgt geen onderwijs, onderwijs volgt jou!
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