Art and life are inextricably connected; both, including myself (as human being & producer), can not be separated without losing their essential form, meaning or the existing coherence. Basically the world and her daily reality can be reduced to one pulsating construction in which patterns and structures are playing an active role; it is a moving wholeness, a continuously changing mass/sphere (mutation & evolution). Researching the path of imagining this process, ~time~, ~scale~, ~location~, ~connection~, ~space~ & ~communication~ are important variables. Leidi Haaijer (multimediadesigner)
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REFERENCE >> open clip: David Bohm ~ about Coherence - BOS 2001
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  2017-2019   Selfbuilt Dwelling (Registration)   (Working & Living) Development of the house in an ecological and climate neutral environment (CPO-project) in's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. OPEN: Online boek
  2011-2018   Sleeping@Artist's Place   Spend one night in Den bosch; get to know life&work in the self built house & visit the studio. Open a part of the room
  2012   Bladeren Bastion Baselaar   The history of a temporary statue in public domain: becoming into being and transition Open history of Baselaer Bastion
  2002-2011   BAI Workshops (VOLUME1001 - Stad als Decor   Uitlokdag: Yearly event in 's-Hertogenbosch in September; talk with youngsters about the development of (public) space related to their experiences. OPEN: VOLUME1001
  2006-2009   'First thing in the morning'   Project with youngsters: disscovering the world by experiencing and observation on how reality unfolds (Orion College). Groene ruimte
    Orion College workshops   Workshops (youngsters between 12-16yrs.) based on different kinds of concepts (last ones: Imagine Your Future/Garden Boat & AsSoCiaTions). OPEN: Groene ruimte
    Orion College design   Meaningful design for a school, focussing on the meaning of 'space' related to education; focussed on the growth of and the specific way of education practiced on this school(Dutch). OPEN: Groene ruimte
  2008-2009   initiative:: L l s s S ::initiative; ADDITIONAL STORIES   Conceptdevelopment concerning a crossmedia event (ARG) i.c.w. FD-ID projectmanagement. OPEN LlssS: ... een spoor van verhalen
  2008   InbetweeLinks   Proposal for the connection of two city parts in 's-Hertogenbosch, a CORRECTION has to be made in contradiction of what the commission is assuming in their report; water IS directed to the center of the city, this modelview starts from the moment the hospital has removed from the center. It appears that the committee has not read the description properly. Groene ruimte
  2007   ::: What does it take to make a choice? ... The Dream of Love ... :::   Online-presentation of a concept for a crossmedial story in between delusion, illusion & truth. OPEN: What does it take to make a choice? ... The dream of Love ...
  2006   Ontmoeten: "Kunt u mij het brood aangeven?"   Project~concept to produce Het Bossch' Stedelijk Weefsel (City Tapestry of 's-Hertogenbosch), a product of all citizens (in earlier cooperation with the foundation Basta! meldpunt discriminatie Brabant Noord). OPEN: Ontmoeten: "Kunt u mij het brood aangeven?"
    Field   Experience-interactivity | model of concept-development on the screen. OPEN: Field, een model voor een TOTALEVENT
  2005   SAMENhangen(CONNECTION)   Conceptdevelopment concerning the cityarea Hinthamerpoort in 's-Hertogenbosch Holland i.c.w. BAI (Bossch Initiative for Architecture). OPEN: mindmap
    Proposals for digital competition:
TagLIVE - DreAm(IT)sp(l)ace - PDM-boards
  Fusedspace i.s.m. 2Hatch
Physical exhibition Stroomhcbk Den Haag 2005 (Space for Experiment & Communication)
OPEN: TAGlive project
  2004   Tower of Babel #02   Multimediaproject in public space in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; reacting on and in cooperation with the location, cooperation between 5 visual artists. OPEN: Toren van Babel Amsterdam
  2003   Tower of Babel #01   Interactive project in public space in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands; reacting on & in cooperation with the location, cooperation between 6 visual artists. OPEN: Toren van Babel Den Bosch
    more PROJECTS & thoughts   All activities before 2003 OPEN: fysieke mindmap
as reality unfolded
Open survey of more projects by Leidi Haaijer works & insights
Article in the Bossche Omroep (local newspaper): Zelfbouwproject BWWB
SKETCH Hinthamerpoort/Barten - survey
Survey Barten: mindmap of a cityarea De Bartjes

'SAMENhangen'(title concept)