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Volume1001 - Stad als Decor   Youngsters and the design of the environment
a cooperationproject between the Bossch' Architectuur Initiatief (BAI) & Museum Jan Cunen te Oss.
              SCREENDUMPS from the Cd-Rom  concept & realisation 2002 -2003
Leidi Haaijer
  The CD-Rom was available at BAI ('s-Hertogenbosch) and Museum Jan Cunen (Oss).                      
Nederlandsempty BAI etalage TENTOONSTELLING: VOLUME1001- Stad als Decor (Nieuwstraat 's-Hertogenbosch)
As a result of workshops according to the project Volume1001 - Stad als decor teaching material has been developed on cdrom.
The total package consists of an interactive program, a description of the workshop and some suggestions for lessons.

The workshop is meant as an example for teachers; by means of active questioning and answering students are stimulated by a specialist on imagery, architecture and environment. After this
introduction the students work on an assignment wich might be related to an image on a preprinted poster (photo on poster, Peter Cox, Brabant by night).
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Under PROJECTEN (projects) texts of an architect and an urban developer can be found on the cdrom, meant as introductions for the workshops Volume1001 - Stad als decor. The works of the students are
included on the cdrom as VOORSTELLEN (proposals). The subject PERSPECTIEF (perspectief), a present phenomenon in the drawings, is isolated and explained related to the cultural historical context. Feedback of practising DESKUNDIGEN (specialists) and from different backgrounds put the attitudes of youngsters in the public domain in a broader actual context. The different points of views can be used as teaching goals to continue with.
During the yearly returning Dag van de UITLOK in 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)between 2005 - 2012 the CDrom was used as trigger for a groupconversation on public space.
SCREENDUMP: mainmenu application
Mainmenu Volume1001 - Stad als Decor.
SCREENDUMP: city as scenery, introductions
STAD ALS DECOR (city as scenery) - project texts.
SCREENDUMP: proposals of participating youngsters
PROPOSALS results from earlier workshops.
SCREENDUMP: proposal
Example of a proposal done by youngsters.
SCREENDUMP: proposal
Another proposal.
SCREENDUMP: perspective
... EN NU JULLIE ! (... GUYS IT'S YOUR TURN NOW!) - dealing with the development of PERSPECTIVE on the basis of art- and architecture examples, selected by Wendi Bakker.
SCHREENDUMP: perspective in the Renaissance
Renaissance perception of perspective.
SCREENDUMP: specialists
SPECIALISTS observations from different disciplines on
youngsters in the public domain, as an actual subject.
Cover of the CD-Rom VOLUME1001 Stad als Decor
Cover CD-Rom.
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