Meaningful links / inspiration:  
  BAI (Bossch' Architectural Initiative)  
  www.bewustwonen.nu (Den Bosch, The Netherlands) (Dutch)  
  Casa Calida Strawbalebuilding in Belgium  
  Dutch Strawbale Building  
  NRC artikel (05 2009): Rapport miljoenen voor wijken nutteloos (Millions unusefully spent to prevent exodus of city areas)  
  NRC artikel (12 2010): Eénderde van gemeentes gaat krimpen (in the next years populations in western parts of Europe will get smaller) > so more space for Permaculture!  
  Owaze Rotterdam, The Netherlands  
  Permaculture The Netherlands (Dutch)  
  Space concept for the Orion College, Breda, The Netherlands  
  Servicecenter Eindhoven, The Netherlands: Anders Wonen Anders Leven (Living Differently)  
  PRACTICAL ways to realise small ecological projects in your own (city)environment (Dutch)  
  PROJECTSITE: 'Voor de wereld van Morgen' (Pls leave your vote for these intentions explained on this site!)  
  The construction of a Hermitage, Oase Nieuwland, The Netherlands  
  Space concept for the Orion College Breda, The Netherlands  
  Transition Towns >> TTDenBosch (since 08 2010) >> Living/Working/BuildingConsciously  
  Viba /SVE 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands (Dutch)  
  Diensten economie in de lokale gemeenschap (Local service exchange, no euro's involved)  
    Open other projects of Leidi Haaijer