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STORY (unfolding...)
We experience a man and a woman constructing the(ir) story by means of a diversity of communication tools (chat, e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, webcam, snail mail, sound recordings, video etc.); the woman (I-personageA) and the man 'Dave Smith' (changing into KK during the process, I-personageB) get in touch with each other through a dating site, thanks to nowadays communication-means love grows and influenced by the hostage taking of 'Dave' in Africa the leading thread of the story unfolds itself. Shaped by different perspectives of the two I-personages interacting with others, appearing at both sides, the story twists and turns. The transformation of persons, appearance of made-up 'actors'/avatars makes the concept 'truth' doubtful; the sense of it is permanently tested. Curiosity added to the dream of love and the feeling of being one strengthens the flow of communication, despite the existing information in the physical reality, forcing prejudices and oppressing fears.

... At the moment communication is still running, the thread of the story contains the capacity to become a physical and real thing; 'reality' is truely happening. Form, result and end will be shaped by the process it self; the final result of this product will be a new existing reality.

as they appear in the sequence expressed through different media in the product:
  • the story - which makes everybody believe;
  • faith - not the restricting dogma's of religion, but in the sense of spirituality;
  • the game - the game-format is used in so many facets of today's society and can be regarded as a format causing communication;
  • doubt - concerning the questions: What is true? What is not true? Quite provoking;
  • hope - making people live;
  • love - in all her appearances and ways;
  • and last but not least...
  • differences between people and their situations on this globe; as a result of cultural historical elements and differences in qualities of locations.
This sequence will be a reality in it self (a 6th reality...!?), and is in fact the crystallization of the earlier mentioned creative energy molding and relating realities.

While following the story attention is also drawn to different actual and global issues. Physical reality (for instance the comparison of sitting behind the computer and the daily chaos of the crowded African society...) is playing in the background:
  • Role-playing games, the transformation of identities: am I in contact with an American, a Nigerian, different persons?
  • Scam, 'the game' of youngsters in (parts of) Africa: are we dealing here with Nigerian scam?
  • The meaning in the world: cultural differences, historical inheritance, oppression by the power of money and knowledge, AIDS: on what is the attitude of 'scamming' based - why are people attending to it?
  • The ultimate dream being universal (the power of spirituality): what is the actual value, the essential power of universal meanings as Love, Hope and Faith?
  • Differences and Unity: doesn't anybody want the same in the end? And is not everybody entitled to it?
Introduction | Blueprint | Story | Phenomena | Do we create our reality or is reality creating us? | Sources | Fragments of the process | Reality | Avatars | Scheme | CONTACT