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How far reaches our awareness that everything is embedded in a bigger whole us being part of it?
All kind of powers are whirling around and in us, and according to a lot of people regarded as 'coming from outside'. The opposite is true: these powers are an essential part of this wholeness called 'life'; these powers direct the flow of personal life-paths being connected to this entirety.
The word 'coincidence' in the Dutch language has merely the meaning of its contradiction: 'coincidence' does not exist or is accidental - an outspoken subcutaneous non-value in contrary to the essential meaning of this word: something devolves on someone. Unawareness in perception neglects relations resulting in the opinion that accidental happenings are unbelievable, incomprehensible or don't need the necessary attention just than to be put aside.
A pity though! When regarded from another perspective these forces can be recognized and constructively designed and applied. In this process new insights evolve, awareness enables energy to be used constructively and efficiently.
... what does it take to make a choice... A concept for a sequential product (film, an interactive installation) on the interaction between people living at different parts of the blue globe, dealing with their own cultural traditions, feelings and believes.
A woman, sincerely looking for love becomes a victim of Internet scam from Nigeria. Based on these real time experiences she decides to find out who is behind all this and cultivates the contact with her scammer, whom she proposes to make a movie out of their contact and dreamed and described dreams. The film/installation is a compilation of so far collected material and material still to be collected by means of different media techniques. It shows simultaneously manifesting and intertwined realities presenting this bigger wholeness; the related dynamics are visualized and turn the running sequence into a perceptible experience.

Five realities can be discriminated clearly.
The separation in lines or discs in the drawings presented down here should be regarded as artificial, right now just necessary to create and show the construction. In the physical reality these lines are mixed and much more experienced as a whole. These schemes of realities are based on existing events and coincidences experienced by the initiator of this project. On one hand the application of 'creative energy' causes relations and interactions in between the realities, on the other hand it reveals and exposes PHENOMENA that are tightly connected to human existence. Research on items is still running and together with the findings it will also be part of this product.
Drawing 1: PERSPECTIVE on the synchronicity of existing realities, a cross-section Drawing 2: PERSPECTIVE on the connection of realities and evolving sub-realities; its a flow, cross-overs are moments of coincidence Drawing 3: PERSPECTIVE from the middle of existing realities
Introduction | Blueprint | Story | Phenomena | Do we create our reality or is reality creating us? | Sources | Fragments of the process | Reality | Avatars | Scheme | CONTACT