Building: a joint social venture.  
  Concept development for the building of a space created from strawbales/wood and other materials from the surroundings. The building process will be realised with users, friends and others; it will be a learning process for everybody involved.  
  (The) Imagery of (a) space has been playing through my head already for quite some time and has itself connected with earlier developed imagery of shapes, experiences and insights.
  Inspired by thoughts of ir. Enno Wiersma & Viba the shapes are developed into some modest construction studies and the start of a scalemodel.  
  This scalemodel is a startingpoint for a blueprint. Actions and material can be distilled to start the building process. The precize realisation and detailling happens in exchange with specialists along the process.  
  Possibilities in a bigger context, a city area in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. (*.pdf in Dutch)  
  Red thread:
  • the awareness of connection and the relationship with the surroundings that exist in all scales on the micro- and macrolevel.
  • openess exceeds over closeness.
  • short connections to specific matter and/or information; evidently embedded in the bigger whole(ness).
  • space for growth exist on all levels and social life filters into working and living (workshops, eating/being together, sharing knowledge~learning processes etc.).
sketches, wishes,
dreams and ideas
Eerste ideeënschets Ruimte en Atmosfeer
Vormontwikkeling   3D shape research in clay related to existing shapes in the studio and earlier insights.

(Related Connections1994->)

Curious after the interior of the imagined space ik will continue my quest.
Vorm - constructie Vorm en constructie onderzoek Vorm - constructie
Research: shape & constructions with the basics of a reciprocal roof.
De ruimte zoals ik me deze voorstel Zicht op zuiderlijke invloeden (Palma de Mallorca nov.2008) De ruimte zoals ik me deze voorstel
The circle is still important; the shown part here is an association of an element from the Plooibaar Product; playing isn't finished yet.
De houten constructie   Zij aanzicht maquette
  When the construction is finished; doors and windows are located and the 2nd floor has its shape clay can be put on the walls (clay from Nieuwland and strawplastering).
The roof is still a loose part.
  To be continued ...  
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