... some traceable developments in the last few years on this small peace of globe we call The Netherlands; developments that appear as a trigger for a CHANGE in ways of working and living and that might stretch far into the future when energies (powers) join in an effective way.
    articles in Dutch newspapers:
  In the North, South-West and South of The Netherlands some cities become more empty, people are moving away to areas with more opportunities; the result is that housingcorporations have to act vice versa compared to the ones in the West and Centre of the country; they have to demolish or CHANGE building goals.
Leegloop in delen van Nederland (People leave some parts of the Netherlands)
Friesland hoopt op fitte senioren (North of the country hopes for fit seniors)
Knallende discussie over Limburgse leegloop (Hot discussions on exodus in the South)
  Dealing with the pigdesease in the beginning of this century the region of Brabant has to deal with new classifications of the countryside; the agricultural functions are changing into building areas according to new legislations. The qualities of the agricultural surroundings will CHANGE or disappear.
'Ruilverkaveling was er niets bij' ('The legal redivision and reallotment of land was nothing compared to what is happening nowadays')
Zicht op Ruimte (New buildingspaces)
  In the west of the country the need of the population expands to pull agricultural aspects back again into the cities.
On the other hand citypeople travel regularly outside their built surroundings to gain energy at special 'carefarms' to decrease the stress and related diseases that citylife causes.
The farmer has CHANGED from landcaretaker into humancaretaker.
Stichting Gezonde Gronden (Dutch)

www.zorgboerderijen.nl (Dutch)
  Time has arrived to CHANGE the way of working & living, to join specific qualities and initiate the building of one or more WorkLivingspaces, focussing on the qualities and capacities of different people to see if effective space for development can exist.
A realised example from my designerspractise concerning the quality of space can be found here (Orion College, Breda, The Netherlands).
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