Do chances appear in Boschveld 's-Hertogenbosch to have WorkLiving space(s) developed by the participants in cooperation with professionals and transforming the existing urban environment into usersfriendly environments?
The expressed thoughts could be shaped into a pilotproject in a popular area; the city Den Bosch could use this as a valuable presentation card.
A row of workshops were organised by City Change Center(Dutch)/Bureau Croonen. Bureau Croonen left the proces. People interested in cooperating in creative/new approaches on Working&Living can express this at the following addresses (Dutch based):, het CCC ~ Boschveld is een Werkwoord,
More information & inspiration can be found here:
Workshop 1a & 1b @ VibaExpo Den Bosch
Workshop 2 @ VibaExpo Den Bosch
Presentation proposal of actions (Dutch)
Possibilities in Boschveld
  Possibilities of growing WorkLivingspace(s) in the centre of cityenvironments: in my hometown 's-Hertogenbosch such a project could happen as a pilot event in the GZG-area (disappearing hospital and change of flow of the Zuid-Willemscanal). An area located on the North-East side of the centre of 's-Hertogenbosch neighbouring the Zuid-Willemscanal, the darkred area locates the spot where the pilotproject could be realised
  The maquette shows where such
a project could be located.
Further details has to be worked out of course.

  The centre of 's-Hertogenbosch is located left side under,
the Zuid-Willemscanal appears North-East of the building area.
The ZGZ-area as it looks right now at Google-maps, before
the breakdown will start.

  Of course different city areas could be suggested, but as 's-Hertogenbosch is my hometown at the moment I am quite well aware of local plans and developments compared to other cityareas.
  Not only within the citybounderies WorkLivingspaces might be developed, also the countryside presents possibilities. Holland has space enough. It is mainly traditional rules preventing individual initiatives. Noord-Brabant is an example of this.

Some examples of meaningful projects: applications in old as well as newly built projects nationally and internationally.
Examples of possibilities in the countryside, outside the cityborders; Heikant 2, Helvoirt, The Netherlands
Green 'borders' of 's-Hertogenbosch
  Click for bigger mapview In 's-Hertogenbosch the borders can be examined to see if suitable areas are available.
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