IDEA: WorkLiving space (clearly related to the surroundings)
Working space surrounded by one/several more (small) spaces for living.

  'Working and Living' in this specific order as this expresses my relationship to both phenomena, they are tightly connected. The idea has to be regarded as an example.
  'Living' has become an equal active verb compared to 'working': in the earlier days 'living' was a more self evident passive thing.
  In the concept of nowadays consumption-society living has become a strong symbol of status being an economic activity; it urges us to work hard for it without creating more time off, the time left we don't have to work appears not to be enough to spend on this activity of living.
  Living and working have physically, as well as mentally, grown apart more and more; the enormous amount of travelmovements in the physical space is a continuous reminder of this.
  For me as a multimediadesigner, working and living are tightly connected. At the moment I work at several places; I prefer to have the 'living' more tightly related to this way of working (an example of similar atmosphere).
  Originally I am a nomad.

Essentially living is the protection against influences from outside (i.e. climat etc.), a place where I (we) can retreat, recover and socialize with related souls when work etc. is done.

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