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  Leidi Haaijer
studio: Parallelweg 30 entrance F
5223AL 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Open YouTube-clip (Deborah Claessen) (Dutch)

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m 06 18359643
twitter @lady_laugh

KvK 17249781
2014 Groen Platform network of city-agriculture 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2013 BoschBouwBrood project related to city-agriculture 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2012 Vereniging Bewust Wonen Werken Boschveld community building project i.o. 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2011 Ontwerp Bataaf :: complementary money Nijmegen The Netherlands
  Presentation prints Pliable Product (silkscreen) facade WillemIIfabriek 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
  Sleeping@Artist's Place :: Plooibaar Product & PVC
2010 Snap to Grid 2010 Lacda (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art)
  Design TTDenBosch: flyer, businesscard, website
2009 Design Rapid Manufactoring TNO / Dutch Design week Eindhoven The Netherlands
  Exhibition in Turkish supermarket & canteen, Leiden The Netherlands
Design/realisation 'Fluisterruimte' (Orioncollege), Breda The Netherlands
  Workshop 'Perspectieftekenen' (Drawing Perspective)(Orion College), Breda The Netherlands
2008 Conceptdevelopment LlssS for a crossmedia event (ARG) i.c.w. FD-ID projectmanagement, The Netherlands
  Open Studio Parallelweg 30 5223AL, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
  Workshop ~Elementairy~ Ontwerpen, Reproduceren, Bouwen (~Elementary~ Designing, Reproducing, Constructing)(Orion College), Breda The Netherlands
  Design/realisation 'Blauwe (Relax) Ruimte' (Orion College), Breda The Netherlands
  Workshop 'De Ruimte in Orion' (The Space in Orion)(Orion College), Breda The Netherlands
  InBetweeLinks proposal for architectural designcompetition Verenigt Den Bosch, BAI, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
  Workshop 'Painting' (Orion College), Breda The Netherlands
2007 Plooibaar product - evolutie/ontwikkeling (Pliable Product - evolution/development workshops with youngsters Da Vinci College, Dordrecht The Netherlands
  Designproposals (Orion College), concerning space-adjustments for schoolyear 2007-2008, Breda The Netherlands
  Points&spots&cirkels exhibition Kunstruimte Voltaire, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
  ... What does it take to make a choice . Conceptdevelopment for an interactive event in the virtual and physical space, The Netherlands
2006 First thing in the morning, project with young scholars: sequence of 6 workshops discovering the world by experiencing reality as it appears, learning through our surroundings (Orioncollege), Breda The Netherlands
  "Could you pass me the bread please?" conceptdevelopment: project in public space i.c.w. inhabitants and Basta! complaints bureau for discrimination Brabant North , 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
  Koffie compleet interdisciplinar experiment of music, poems and painting, Eindhoven The Netherlands
2005 Mind(de)Fences, exhibition -De Vesting als Korset-, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
  Fusedspace groupexhibition on the use of new technologies in the public domain, Stroomhcbk, Den Haag The Netherlands
  Toren van Babel Multimedia project in De Pijp Amsterdam i.s.m. 4 collegue artists, Amsterdam The Netherlands
2004 Ingekomen Stukken, Stroomhcbk, The Hague The Netherlands
  NeuVé* - an installation on Pliable Illusion (#01), The Art Hive, New Delhi India
2003 High - Higher - Highest (groupexhibition, proposals for high buildings in town), proposal S M L XL, Stad in de Etalage, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
  Tower of Babel - from confusion to dialogue, project in public space, i.c.w. 5 colleague artists, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2002-2003 Realisation / production CD-ROM (material for teachers to prepare courses on public design) Volume1001 - Stad als Decor (volume1001 - city as scenery), i.c.w. The Bossch' Architecture Initiative, 's-Hertogenbosch, and Museum Jan Cunen, Oss The Netherlands
2002 Open Studio during the 5th OpenStudioRoute, St.Josephstraat 20 5211NJ, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
  Participation exhibition 'Ingekomen Stukken' (arrived mail), Stroomhcbk, The Hague The Netherlands
  Project BeeldTaalproductie - exhibition 'In Woord en Beeld' (in word and image); De Overslag; in the MiddenMotief of deWitteDame, Eindhoven The Netherlands
  'De Archieven' (the archives) of De Overslag: Plooibaar Product - Formowalny Produkt - Pliable Product (sales presentation), Eindhoven The Netherlands
2001 Presentation Plooibaar Product (CdROM)/promotion ColourCampagne 2000, Piotrków Trybunalski Poland
Presentation documentation at 'Ingekomen Stukken' (arrived mail), Stroomhcbk, The Hague The Netherlands
2000 presentation to the public of the CD-Rom Plooibaar Product – Formowalny Produkt – Pliable Product, open studio's, 's-Bosch The Netherlands
presentation workingmethod of the BOOMMONUMENT and the research in 'De Maten' (1996), ’Evergreen’, Stroomhcbk, The Hague The Netherlands
LINEAL PERIOD 2D-compilation on the wall, exhibition - NBKS online -, Breda The Netherlands
1999 presentation demo CD-Rom PLOOIBAAR PRODUCT - FORMOWALNY PRODUKT - PLIABLEPRODUCT (TRANSLACJE 1999); section Realizacji Planów & Planowania Przestrzennego iEztetyzacji of the county council Piotrków Trybunalski Poland
SOAP; HEP (Haaijer Enterprising Productions) is producing portraits in commission of colleague artis (roll playing in realtime event), Foundation ASZO (Argument), Tilburg The Netherlands
1998-1999 PRODUCTION CD-Rom Plooibaar Product – Formowalny Produkt – Pliable Product (related to the concept ‘Teraz Polska - Piotrków Trybunalski, curating the city', Nederland/Polen, i.c.w. kunsthistorian E. Vermeulen)
1998 LINEAL PERIOD - contemporary synchronization, installation (in the frame of the project ‘Reproduceerbaarheid van Tijd’ ~ The reproduction of Time), New Grafic Studios, ‘s-Bosch The Netherlands
1997 NATURE/CULTURE/NATURE, research i.c.w. collaegue (Gezonden Gezanten - Sent Searchers) to look voor imagepossibilities for ‘Translacje 2000’, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland
1995 BASIC1995, walldrawing, groupexhibition 'XL, tekeningen van formaat' (Drawings of importance), Artis, 's-Bosch The Netherlands
1994-1995 KinderOM, CD-Rom inspeired by childrens' drawings (schoolproject '50 years of liberation 'i.c.w. VPRO, Stichting CEP - County Council ‘s-Bosch), Artis, 's-Bosch The Netherlands
1993 DAS BRUCHSTÜCKHAFTES GANZE - eine Verweisung auf das Dasein installation, Municipal Museum, Trier, Germany
1992 RELATED CONNECTIONS1992 -> environment, continuous changing installation, studio 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
1991 PAD1991 (Path1991) installation, groupexhibition 'De Trois Sortes', Artis, 's-Bosch The Netherlands
1990 UIT-WERPING1990 (RE-JECTION1990) wallpainting, groupexhibition 'Portretten van een Yamswortel’ (Portraits of a Yamsroot), Nova Zembla, 's-Bosch The Netherlands
1988 TIJD EN RUIMTE (TIME AND SPACE) wallconstruction, groupexhibition Verio, Maastricht The Netherlands
1987 ENTRE DEUX MERS collection of drawings made during a pelgrimage, between the Northsea and the Mediteranean.
1986-1987 REMEMBER THE SHORTEST DAY III open studio; audiovisual installation, Maastricht The Netherlands
1985 'ASTAND - EEN SITUATIE (A SITUATION) in the Dominikanerkerk, Maastricht i.c.w. F. Petursson (Iceland) The Netherlands
  soloexhibition drawings, galery Asselijn, Amsterdam The Netherlands
1984 ART AS A COMPROMISE project during a groupexhibition, Dominikanerkerk Maastricht The Netherlands
  ‘Inspeired’groupexhibition galery Asselijn, Amsterdam
1983 PART OF THE SEA project along the Northseacoast
 proposals for and researches in the public space
2005 Mind(de)Fences - De MeNTALe VeSTING, research after mental fortresses in the public domain i.c.w. Foundation BASTA! point for complaints on discrimination Noord-Brabant, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2002 TRA (open area) - first design for a part of public space in een new city area + presentation for the neighbourhood, commissioned by the City Council, Gilze-Rijen The Netherlands
  Renovation of the benches of the Van Ostadeschool, The Hague The Netherlands
1994 Design/realisation pavement frontarea + benches of the Van Ostadeschool (commissioned by Stroomhcbk), The Hague The Netherlands
2004-2009 Several newspaper articles, The Netherlands and India
2008 Verenigt Den Bosch, publication competition&exhibition (architecture)
2003 Taal van de Stad, an extended guide about Den Bosch after interdisciplinary research,
cooperation of 8 persons (BAI - County Council: edition 3000)
2002 'In Woord en Beeld' catalogue of the project 'In Word and Image', De Overslag, Eindhoven The Netherlands
Arts Dialogue, BAFA newsletter (Bahá'í Association For Arts)
2001 Kampania Koloru Dziennik, £ódzki Poland
1999 Contribution to the publication De Dato Nieuw Grafisch Atelier ‘s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
1998 Nieuw Kamper Dagblad: Levende kunst in De Maten (Dutch) ('Living arts in De Maten' )
1996 De Maten, postcode 8265, Kampen. Cultuurplan voor een nieuwe wijk’ red. E. Vermeulen, Bussum The Netherlands
Nieuw Kamper Dagblad: Boommonument (Dutch) (Treemonument)
article ‘Experimenteel onderzoek publieke ruimte in Kampen’, Architectuur Lokaal (Experimental research in public space, Architectural Magazine)
1995 Warm of Koud 5 jaar kunst in de openbare ruimte, edition Stroomhcbk Den Haag The Netherlands (Warm or Cold, 5 year art in public space, The Hague)
1993 Beeld & Tuin 1993, catalogue edition Botanische Tuin D'n Hof, Overloon The Netherlands (Sculpture & Garden, work and catalogue)
  Leidi Haaijer: Das Bruchstückhaftes Ganze, eine Verweisung auf das Dasein’ (H. Schwickerath) artikel Katz (Kleine andere trierer Zeitung) (article: The Fragmented Whole, an Indication of Existence)
1991 'Plannen, planten en planeten’ (Hans Vos) article Elba, Bulletin 4 Nijmegen The Netherlands (Plans, Plants and Planets)
1990 'Portretten van een Yamswortel' edition catalogue Foundation Nova Zembla, 's-Bosch The Netherlands (Portraits of a Yamsroot)
1989 Leidi Haaijer Recent Work, own edition
 further activities
2007-> Students working in my studio (internship)
2005 Member of the workgroup CCC; focussing on processes of change in the city area by the use of cultural elements, BAI, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2003 Member of the workgroup 'Taal van de Stad' (Language of the city), BAI, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2002-> Boardmember of the Foundation 'De Overlevenden van Nova Zembla', studio organisation
2002 Member of the jury of the Ramboux-Price, Trier Germany
  realisation project TUSS&RUIMTE (inbetween spaces), final manifestation of Nova Zembla, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2001-> Art Director-webdesigner Teleac (educational broadcast organization), Hilversum The Netherlands
2001 Concept projectplan and projectmanagement TUSS&RUIMTE: endmanifestation Nova Zembla, a plan consisting of a diversity of artforms related to a space planned to be torn down, 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2000-> Small design- & digital assignments
2007 Seminar - workshop Sagasnet, Stuttgart Duitsland
1986 Workshop by the Vasulka's, Montevideo, Amsterdam The Netherlands
1983-1986 Jan van Eyckacademy, dep. Mixed Media, Maastricht The Netherlands
1978-1983 Royal Academy for Art and Design, dep. Monumental Design, 's-Bosch The Netherlands